Our rental conditions:

  1. The renter undertakes to handle the bike with care.
  2.  The renter agrees to always secure the bike with a lock. At night, the bike must be parked in a secured, lockable room.
    It is possible to leave the bikes in our stations for free.
  3. In case of theft of the bike, the renter is liable in the amount of the current sale price according to our price list.
  4. Our bikes are rented in a technically perfect and clean condition. The renter must convince himself of this when handing over the bike.  Defects must be reported immediately.
  5. The bike is handed over with pump, speedometer, lock and a reserve tube with saddlebag. For this we require a deposit of €50.00 in cash. This deposit is of course refunded with proper return of the wheel and the above-mentioned objects. In the case of loss of pump, speedometer, saddlebag or lock, a fee of €20.00 will be charged, with use of the tube € 10.00. The final cleaning is done by the landlord.
  6. In case of damage caused by falls or improper handling, the renter is liable. Any repairs made must be paid locally by the renter.
    For only €10.00 there is the possibility to take out insurance on the spot when you take the rental. This covers all damage to the bike from falls. NOT THEFT!
  7. For any repairs in third-party workshops during the rental period, we assume no costs. Our workshop is always occupied during our opening hours.
  8. There is no breakdown or pick-up service. The renter is responsible for themselves in Mallorca. Liability claims against third parties are the responsibility of the renter.
  9. Our rental prices are fixed prices. The amount will be payable in cash on taking over the bike. If the bike is returned prematurely, no money will be refunded e.g. due to discomfort, bad weather, illness or other reasons.
  10. We rent our bikes only on presentation of an identity card or passport.
  11. The bike delivery and return take place at our respective opening times daily from 09.00h to 12.00h and 15.00h to 18.00h. If the bike is not returned at the end of the rental by the close of business, we reserve the right to charge the full daily rental price.
  12. Terms of payment: After receipt of your reservation for the months of February, March, April and May you will receive an invoice for the rental price.
    After receiving the payment, you will receive a bike rental confirmation.
    For rental bike reservations for the months of June, July, August, September and October, you will receive a confirmation upon receipt of your request.
    The amount is then payable upon arrival in cash. We do not accept credit cards / EC cards.

Cancellation policy:

A cancellation must be made by email to the following address: mail@coastadventure.net If you cancel up to 14 days before your rental, you will receive 100% of your payment back.
If you cancel up to 7 days before your rental, we will refund 50% of your payment.
In case of cancellation from the 6th day before arrival, 100% of your payment will be forfeited. There are no fee reductions.